180 Experience

Upbeat Groove Challenge

This “Punch-You-In-The-Gut-Groove” is worthy of adding to your groove vocabulary. This 180 Challenge Lesson has Aaron Gillespie teaching us how to take a simple Kick & Snare pattern to another level by pairing it with some different Hi-Hat, Ride Cymbal & Floor Tom patterns.


Instructor: Aaron Gillespie

Concepts: Disco beat, groove, pocket, rock, loud, heavy, Paramore, upbeat, up beat, beats, hard hitting, roll, signature, drum, drums

This Lesson is worth 125 points

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  • Kevin Houry 4 years ago

    Love this guy ! awesome !

  • Jim Brenner 4 years ago

    I am gonna be practicing this one for sure!!

    • Jake Nicolle 4 years ago

      Let us know how it goes… Maybe with a video this time Jim!! ;)

  • Dana Brejakova 4 years ago

    Aaron, how are your wrists? What powerful HITs you have !!!! Wow … :-o

  • Joey Ossey 5 years ago

    This one was super fun to rock in many different ways… Awesome lesson with one of the best!

  • Paul Baibin 5 years ago


    • Jake Nicolle 5 years ago

      Thanks Paul! Have you been practicing this one?

  • Gabriel Omar Redaelli 5 years ago

    Me hace acordar a Larry Mullen en sunday bloody sun

  • Gabriel Omar Redaelli 5 years ago

    Este tipo es pura energia, me gusta el modo de Aaron!

  • Jim Moore 5 years ago


  • Alfonso Martinez 5 years ago

    Man!! I love how this guy plays! He isn’t scared on beating the heck out of a drum kit! I can feel the adrenaline! Just awesome!!

    • Jake Nicolle 5 years ago

      Aaron lives and breathes this level of energy man! Sitting beside him in these lessons is a workout… Dude hits HARD! Glad you’re enjoying the lessons Alfonso!

  • Josh Horvath 5 years ago

    Awesome video!