• Mark Schulman

    Perfecting Your Timing

    Duration 15:03

    From the practice room to the club, and eventually the arenas and stadium’s of the world. Mark Schulman is laying down the foundation for our time-keeping abilities so we can grow to...

  • Mark Schulman

    Slow it Down Charlie Brown

    Duration 13:29

    Mark Schulman teaching us the beauty of slow, by learning to play slow and articulately, which leads to playing great, quickly. The critical thing is being able to get comfortable playing...

  • Mark Schulman

    Find Your Energy

    Duration 21:25

    Drumming involves so much more than just playing all the right notes. You have to play with sensitivity and authority. Mark Schulman teaches us how to create a presence with our drumming,...

  • Mark Schulman

    Filler Up

    Duration 21:42

    What are the money beats that we can use as drummers? Mark Schulman is breaking down how to use simple patterns, grooves, and fills, that have worked over the years...

  • Mark Schulman

    Boldly Going Nowhere

    Duration 04:44

    Mark Schulman playing through a song he recorded drums for titled “Boldly Going Nowhere.”

  • Mark Schulman

    5/4 Indian Clave

    Duration 09:19

    Mark Schulman playing through an original composition titled “5/4 Indian Clave”. This one will blow your mind…

  • Mark Schulman

    Sabian Cymbals Review

    Duration 05:16

    Why Mark Schulman chooses Sabian Cymbals as his Cymbal choice and what sounds he goes for live and in the studio.

  • Mark Schulman

    Gretsch Drums Review

    Duration 03:03

    Mark Schulman on why he uses Gretsch Drums and how Gretsch has the sound he’s always looked for in a drumset.

  • Mark Schulman

    Remo Drumheads Review

    Duration 02:21

    Mark Schulman on why he chooses Remo Drumheads and which heads he prefers on the road and in the studio.

  • Mark Schulman

    Vic Firth Drumsticks Review

    Duration 01:55

    Mark Schulman on playing Vic Firth sticks since 1996. “It’s a very personal relationship to me.” Mark used to play the Classic Metals, then the 5A and today the 5b...

  • Mark Schulman


    Duration 04:04

    Mark Schulman playing through the composition “Kemble”.