• Keith "Stix" McJimson

    Paradiddle Stop

    Duration 07:26

    If you haven’t noticed, many great licks are composed of some foundational paradiddle variation. In this one Stix is going straight to the heart with a paradiddle [or paradiddle-diddle depending on...

  • Keith "Stix" McJimson

    Super Funky

    Duration 11:42

    Being super funky isn’t about being busy or complicated with your grooves, it’s about well-placed notes used to capture a vibe. Take your time with this one and isolate each...

  • Keith "Stix" McJimson

    All The Drums

    Duration 09:20

    This pattern can be used as a mostly linear groove, as a linear fill or as a tool for your next solo. As always, go slow and break this pattern...

  • Keith "Stix" McJimson

    Swamp Funk

    Duration 05:50

    Stix is bringing us HOME with this groove. Don’t just play it, you gotta own it! Learn this groove, understand the way it works, then try applying it over some old...

  • Keith "Stix" McJimson

    Problem Intro

    Duration 09:26

    Ariana Grande’s very own, Keith “Stix” McJimson, showing us his spin on the intro to this #1 single “Problem”. Stix plays this live nearly every night in front of tens...

  • Keith "Stix" McJimson

    Uptempo Fatback

    Duration 12:41

    “Take it to the Bridge!” Keith “Stix” Mcjimson bringing the heat on this lesson. We’re talking a little James brown style groove, meets Justin Timberlake style pocket. This funk groove is sure to...

  • Keith "Stix" McJimson

    Inverted Halftime

    Duration 06:40

    What’s an “inversion“? We’re breaking that down in this lesson, covering how to shift the beat over (change the starting place) by a sixteenth note to turn something ordinary into something...

  • Keith "Stix" McJimson

    Left Hand Praise

    Duration 11:46

    Left hand PRAISE! This lesson is all about adding a little finesse to your groove. Sometimes the smallest little addition to your playing can bring about big change. Using your...

  • Keith "Stix" McJimson

    Latin ABC

    Duration 11:17

    This is a seriously fun one! Keith Stix McJimson showing us how to lay it down Jackson 5 style. This latin groove is sure to challenge your independence and control on...

  • Keith "Stix" McJimson

    Motown Grooves

    Duration 09:32

    Motown grooves are as popular, if not more popular, today and can be heard in uncovered in pop, funk, soul, hip-hop and R&B tracks alike. These are must-know grooves require...

  • Keith "Stix" McJimson

    Motown Grooves

    Duration 08:35

    Now it’s time for us to practice this Motown groove along with Keith Stix McJimson to take note of his feel while improving our own!

  • Keith "Stix" McJimson

    The Hump

    Duration 08:21

    This Paradidde-diddle fill Keith Stix McJimson is turning into a groove is serious fun. Use this groove well and practice it relentlessly before trying to throw it in a song...

  • Keith "Stix" McJimson

    Gospel Groove

    Duration 12:41

    Of course, we’re all stoked on this lesson. Who doesn’t love a well played gospel groove? Now you can wow your drumming buddies with this groove that’s ultra swung. Take...

  • Keith "Stix" McJimson

    Like I Love You

    Duration 07:54

    An anthem to funk colliding with R&B. Pay your tribute to this song through learning this groove ultra slow, listening to all the nuances of the phrase with timing, dynamics,...

  • Keith "Stix" McJimson

    Paradiddle-diddle Lick

    Duration 05:52

    This one’s all play. Anytime we use Paradiddle-diddle’s we get the chance to test our singles and double strokes on another level, moving around the kit at a fast pace....

  • Keith "Stix" McJimson

    5 Stroke Reggae

    Duration 07:04

    Doubling as a fill and groove, Keith Stix McJimson shows us how to use the rudiment 5 Stroke Roll in a genre we don’t always get to play or teach on....

  • Keith "Stix" McJimson

    I’m Your Baby Tonight

    Duration 11:23

    This 12/8 groove is one of our favorites for developing the right hand and bass drum placement. It’s challenging at full tempo and we greatly encourage you to start slow,...

  • Keith "Stix" McJimson

    Linear Rock Fill

    Duration 05:04

    What more could you want? Linear Rock Fill ideas with Keith Stix McJimson that you can use in a whole number of settings. A great way to move around the...

  • Keith "Stix" McJimson

    Ring That Bell

    Duration 07:34

    This groove has a ton going on. It’s funky and will require independence and patience, but man, once you get it, it’ll be worth every minute of your time and...

  • Keith "Stix" McJimson

    Funky Stix

    Duration 16:28

    This lesson with Keith McJimson is meant to inspire you to increase the funk in your grooves with simple bass drum and hi-hat placements that add a lot of feel...