• Jake Nicolle

    The First Groove

    Duration 09:07

    Time to learn your very first groove, understand how drums are written on a music staff and begin to feel like a boss. You’re doing it, it’s easier than you...

  • Jake Nicolle

    Get A Grip – Stick Technique

    Duration 25:12

    Ever wondered how to hold your sticks properly? There are many “correct” ways to hold a pair of sticks, but our goal in this lesson is to have Jake and Dave...

  • Jake Nicolle

    Ready Set Read

    Duration 22:13

    Wondering how to read sheet music or drum notation? Never thought reading was something you would be able to do with music? Today Jake is explaining the simplicity of learning...

  • Jake Nicolle

    How to Change Drum Heads

    Duration 19:45

    This is your overview on how to change and swap out your old drum heads with new ones. We’ll outline how to go about setting up your new drumheads on...

  • Jake Nicolle

    How to Tune Your Drums

    Duration 05:32

    Now it’s time to talk about tuning your drums. While changing your drum heads is one thing, understanding how to tune the drumheads is a whole different story. We’re going...

  • Jake Nicolle

    Buying Your First Kit

    Duration 10:44

    We get asked all the time, “What kind of drums should I buy? What about Cymbals and Drumheads?” To which we felt it necessary to add a video discussing all the...

  • Jake Nicolle

    Set Up For Success

    Duration 16:16

    Good posture on the drums can only be as good as your drum set-up itself. In order to be efficient on the drums, a few simple adjustments can make all...

  • Jake Nicolle

    3/4 Grooves On The Money

    Duration 09:10

    3/4 you say? Well, so far we’ve only covered 4/4 & a few patterns that take six notes to repeat (Paradiddle Extensions Lesson). It’s time we introduce you to counting...

  • Jake Nicolle

    Quarters & Eighths

    Duration 12:28

    In this lesson, Jake and Dave are discussing everything you need to know regarding quarter notes and eighth notes, as they appear written on a percussion staff. Learning to read drum/music...

  • Jake Nicolle


    Duration 14:48

    Learning to read triplets is the point of this lesson with Jake. We’re discussing what triplets sound like played against and overlapping with eighth notes. Sight reading doesn’t come over night...

  • Jake Nicolle

    Sweet Sixteenths

    Duration 20:56

    Diving into 16th notes shouldn’t be intimidating which is why Jake and Dave are giving you a quick breakdown to bring you up to speed on subdivisions and how quarter,...

  • Jake Nicolle

    Stack Em Up

    Duration 06:28

    This is a lesson testing our understanding of how notes appear on the page after being played on the drums. Jake is demonstrating different sounds and how they appear on...

  • Jake Nicolle


    Duration 08:57

    If you live in the 21st century, you’re familiar with this pattern. Every song on the radio these days has a 4-on-the-floor groove! This is groove is given its name...

  • Jake Nicolle

    Beats on the Money

    Duration 09:20

    This is “The First Beat” on steroids, and you’re learning it! We’ll teach you this Beat on the Money step by step, helping you understand how the groove is built as well...

  • Jake Nicolle

    4 On The Money

    Duration 08:54

    If 4-On-The-Floor was our foundation, 4-On-The-Money is going to be a serious renovation to our house of groove. By learning this groove, you’re covering more songs than anyone could begin to...

  • Jake Nicolle

    Upbeat Groove 101

    Duration 10:44

    Disco. Funk. Hip Hop. Soul. Motown. Rock. These are a few of the places you’ll come across upbeat grooves. The upbeat groove is all about what the Hi-Hat is playing. For...

  • Jake Nicolle

    Upbeat 4-On-The-Floor

    Duration 10:34

    Upbeat 101 meets 4-on-the-Floor. This is a deadly lesson! Treat this lesson as an opportunity to not only learn a new exciting groove, but treat it as an opportunity to recognize...

  • Jake Nicolle

    Groove Evolution

    Duration 09:36

    We’re learning to lay a solid foundation for groove. This lesson is going to expand on that by getting our Bass Drum foot more involved by playing an Eighth Note Pattern....

  • Jake Nicolle

    Playing a Drum Fill

    Duration 11:17

    Sound like a pro in no time. This lesson helps us learn and read a fill that is as famous as fills get. It can be heard in every style of...

  • Jake Nicolle

    Fill on the Money

    Duration 10:47

    Here it goes! Your first drum fill. This is the bedrock on which you will build every Neil Peart, John Bonham, Tony Williams, Vinnie Colaiuta, Peter Erskine & Ringo Starr...