• Stanley Randolph

    In the Clouds

    Duration 07:02

    The Stan Signature. This groove has feel for days and promises to take you away on a journey of groove. This lessons will also test your independence and feel. Simply playing the notes...

  • Stanley Randolph

    Latin Vibes

    Duration 13:52

    The vibe is heavy. This latin groove is not your typical go-to style latin groove, but once you get a handle on latin beats like this one, you won’t want...

  • Stanley Randolph

    Stanley Randolph Warm Up Solo

    Duration 04:03

    Stanley Randolph doing what he does best. Just playing the drums. This candid warm up / solo was taped while he was first visiting 180 and getting adjusted to the kit....

  • Stanley Randolph

    Ain’t No Other Man

    Duration 11:34

    THE GROOVE. This is Stan at his finest, showing all of us what it means to play a heavy groove without sparing the chops. Here Stanley Randolph is teaching us the...

  • Stanley Randolph

    Isn’t She Lovely

    Duration 13:42

    Stanley showing us how to make this shuffle feel modern and traditional at the same time. Cutting edge while vintage. There’s no one who can play this feel quite like Stan...

  • Stanley Randolph

    Contusion Part 1

    Duration 08:15

    Contusions part 1 of 2. This 3 part PDF is stacked FULL of grooves by the king of groove. Stanley shows us around Contusions by Stevie wonder and how this funky,...

  • Stanley Randolph

    Contusion Part 2

    Duration 05:22

    This part two section of Stevie Wonder’s song Contusion is sure to give you a run for your money in the world of funk, R&B feels. The goal here is...

  • Stanley Randolph

    Flam-A-Diddle-Dizzle Fo’ Rizzle

    Duration 07:47

    Ridiculously named because this is such a ridiculously great sounding chop by the one and only Stanley Randolph. Learning to move this flam-a-diddle lick around the kit is going to revolutionize the way you use flams...

  • Stanley Randolph

    Chugging Along

    Duration 08:24

    Are you prepared to hear how one simple sticking pattern can create a phenomenal groove and drum fill? Today, we’ve got the one and only Stanley Randolph showing us a pattern...

  • Stanley Randolph

    Linear Chop’n

    Duration 07:40

    Linear fills being sprayed everywhere!! A lot of our #180Family who would focus their study in the Master category would probably feel familiar with at least a few of these licks.., BUT, we...

  • Stanley Randolph

    Chocolate Pudding

    Duration 07:15

    “Simple Eighth Note Groove” Played with Heart. The groove itself requires some independence and control but what makes this a Master level worthy lesson is that you can’t just play this groove,...

  • Stanley Randolph


    Duration 08:13

    Here it is… It’s hard to believe we’re actually saying this, but Superstition is the groove we’re covering in this lesson – with Stevie Wonder’s touring drummer for close to...

  • Stanley Randolph

    Sir Duke

    Duration 07:18

    Are you as excited as us? This legendary Stevie Wonder track is probably being played by 100 different drummers in clubs around the world at any given minute, and we’ve...

  • Stanley Randolph

    Feelin’ It

    Duration 07:21

    It doesn’t get better than this. Grooving with Stevie Wonders Drummer, Stanley Randolph. Stanley helps us take the pocket to a new level by showing how great grooves can sound...

  • Stanley Randolph

    Hotline Bling

    Duration 04:07

    Stan decided he wanted to Jam over a remix of Hotline Bling he had been listening to by Drake. This was his One Take. Merciless and going for broke without...

  • Stanley Randolph

    Heavy Hands

    Duration 09:24

    This lesson takes what you thought you knew about playing drum fills and turns it upside down. There’s no PDF, no notes on the screen… None of that! Because this...

  • Stanley Randolph

    Stanley ‘Stank’

    Duration 06:29

    Get ready to place some accents around beat 1 without actually touching it! We’re calling this one ‘Stanley Stank’ because we had a stank face as soon as Stan showed up at the...