• Tim Buell

    Spicy Singles

    Duration 17:23

    Independence on another level! Now we’re taking our newly developed understanding of subdivisions to another level by beginning to practice playing over an ostinato by the end of this lesson....

  • Tim Buell

    Crazy Thing

    Duration 17:54

    Tim Buell taking playing paradiddles to a whole other universe. Working on this lesson is not only going to develop your understanding of subdivisions further, but is going to improve your...

  • Tim Buell

    Metric Modulation Fills

    Duration 16:12

    Tim Buell showing us how to take our newly acquired metric modulation skills to the kit again, but this time to be applied as fills instead of grooves. Counting out...

  • Tim Buell

    Foot Technique

    Duration 20:01

    Tim Buell demonstrating foot speed and control so we too can develop it using this simple groove/exercise. Taking your time on this lesson to observe your own technique on the...

  • Tim Buell

    Foot Speed Exercise

    Duration 14:33

    We’re applying foot technique to a grid exercise on our bass drum pedal in this lesson. As always, while working on our feet pay attention to your balance. Control and...

  • Tim Buell

    Subdivision ABC’s

    Duration 09:04

    Subdivision ABC’s is all about understanding how notes are played on the drums and fit into the music we’re playing. Every note in drumming is accounted for. This doesn’t mean we...

  • Tim Buell

    Subdivision Pyramid

    Duration 12:31

    If you’re looking to grow on the drumset it starts here. The sound that we’ve all been looking for isn’t a mystery, it’s understanding how to play around with different subdivisions to...

  • Tim Buell

    Subdividing Doubles

    Duration 11:11

    As we continue moving through this subdivision pyramid, applying different stickings and patterns over top, or underneath, please remember to slow down and take your time with these. There’s no...

  • Tim Buell

    Flamming Subdivisions

    Duration 13:59

    Now we’re applying Flams overtop of our subdivision pyramid to continue deepening our ability to play anything we want in any subdivision we can dream up. Tim Buell is demonstrating how independence needs...

  • Tim Buell

    Paradiddle-diddle Subdivisions

    Duration 12:46

    It’s getting whacky. Because paradiddle-diddles are a 6 note grouping/sticking, our ability to subdivide is going to be uniquely challenged in contrast to the other 4 note groupings we’ve been learning...

  • Tim Buell

    Getting a Little Odd

    Duration 15:10

    The title says it all. Things are about to get odd, weird and very challenging to hear all the subdivisions we’re going to be practicing through. This will take solo-ing,...

  • Tim Buell

    5 & 7 Fills

    Duration 18:06

    Finally, all of us looking for odd grouping fills in 5 and 7 note sticking patterns have found our answer! Here’s Tim Buell showing us what quintuplet and septuplet fills sound like....

  • Tim Buell

    Paradiddle-diddle Subdivisions

    Duration 12:46

    Independence on another level. Being able to understand the paradiddle-diddle is one thing. Learning to play the paradiddle-diddle across subdivisions is a whole new ball game. Get ready for Tim...

  • Tim Buell

    Dividing Whole Notes

    Duration 11:33

    Another insane challenge by Tim Buell. This time we’re diving the whole note into subdivisions from 4 all the way to 15. Odd groupings challenge your understanding of time, taking your...

  • Tim Buell

    Metric Modulation Fundamentals

    Duration 15:06

    Metric Modulation is something that gets mentioned a lot, but often not discussed deeply enough. Today Tim Buell is cracking Metric Modulation wide open by demonstrating the fundamentals of how...

  • Tim Buell

    Metric Modulating Triplets

    Duration 17:40

    If you weren’t satisfied “simply” learning about metric modulation in our fundamentals lesson, you’re in for a treat. Tim Buell is expanding on what metric modulation looks like with this...

  • Tim Buell

    More Metric Modulation

    Duration 15:29

    We’re running with metric modulation and diving even deeper into this concept. Get ready to keep stretching your meter and timing with these ideas. Count out loud and be patient,...

  • Tim Buell

    Even More Metric Modulation

    Duration 09:34

    Because we know there’s more you want to challenge yourself with! Independence, meter, groove, understanding and timing – All getting challenged. Count, read and slow down. Own it.

  • Tim Buell

    Calvin Rodgers Fill

    Duration 20:21

    One of Tim Buell’s favorite drummers and favorite fills. This paradiddle-diddle based fill is going to take your linear, gospel and soloing concepts to another level. 32nd notes, sextuplets, sixteenths...

  • Tim Buell

    Hand Speed Technique

    Duration 22:59

    We never arrive with our hand speed or technique, it’s an ongoing process of incremental improvement and development. Tim Buell has studied hand speed intensely and with some of the...