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Back Stage WarmUps

To simplify what it means to play drums, Rich explains in this lesson that it all comes down to Full Strokes and Taps. This lesson is going to develop your hands by providing exercises that improve power, control, stamina and DYNAMICS. Rich is also going to talk about the “UP” preparation of each stroke, allowing you to better understand how to create consistency in your hands. He’s even going to teach you how he approaches stick grip up close and personal. Rich is the man, we’re excited to see you reach another level with this lesson!

Instructor: Rich Redmond

Tags: hands hand speed dynamic endurance paradiddles paradiddle single double roll right left develop development velocity even evenness weak weaker poor technique jason aldean rock backstage back stage warmups warmup warm ups up

Download the PDF to see all three (that’s right, 3) pages of this lesson!

This Lesson is worth 250 points

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  • Drummerbloke 3 years ago

    What a great guy Rich is and an amazing drummer!

  • dillon_350 4 years ago

    Amazing. So helpful. I got to meet this guy a couple weeks ago in Nashville. Good vibes.

    • Jake Nicolle 4 years ago

      Rad Dillon, Rich is such a great guy. So much insight! Glad you enjoyed the lesson my friend and welcome to the #180Family!

  • Buck 4 years ago

    He sounds like a machine gun on that pad! So much power and precision!!