180 Experience

Bass Drum Speed Builder

The ULTIMATE Bass Drum speed builder. There… We said it. If you need to lay a foundation, this 180 Challenge is going to lay the bedrock on which you’ll build the house. Luke shows us how he’s developed speed and control so he can do whatever he wants on the kick, whenever he wants. We teach you to play the drums, not be at the mercy of the drums! Play without Apologies!


Instructor: Luke Holland

Concepts: sextuplet sextuplets power powerful double kick pedal double pedals bass drum fast increase speed control independence faster improve fun metal exercise exercises foundation develop Hardcore post

This Lesson is worth 125 points

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  • Marco Morselli 3 years ago

    I found out that @ slower tempo (metronome), you can even add the 32 notes on the kick, good exercise to build up speed!

    • Jake Nicolle 3 years ago

      Dig that idea! Post a video on YouTube of that idea so we can share and check it out :)

  • Kevin Houry 4 years ago

    An other great lesson ! Love the sextuplets for sure.

    if someone’s interested… You want to learn how to play double bass and find it quite difficult for the moment? I have also a small advice that can help you. At first, play some simple grooves on the ride with your left foot (or right foot if you are a left handed) until you get used to it. It might sound stupid but it really helped me.

    • Jake Nicolle 4 years ago

      Love Sextuplets! Great idea Kevin, thanks so much for contributing and offering ideas man. :)