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Big Singles

The only way we like ’em. Our Single Strokes are going to get an overhaul in the authority to which we use them. This lesson is going to delve into the significance of having solid single strokes with a drummer who has played the single stroke roll in front of the largest crowds in the world. Listen as Garrett discusses his unique approach, then practice along!


Instructor: Garrett Goodwin & Jake Nicolle

Concepts: basic, beginner, basics, easy, first, rudiment, rudiments, patterns, hands, hand, exercises, exercise, carrie underwood

This Lesson is worth 100 points

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  • Fela 2 years ago

    Even after watching this video, I’m beginning to understand how rudiments are applied to the kit. It’s going to be really exciting to see how this lessons develop.

  • drumula 3 years ago

    Learning incorrectly is still better than not learning at all. I have met drummers that won’t expand out of fear and not wanting to learn incorrectly so they wait for the if/when they meet someone that can show them. I don’t think that’s the way to go about it. Learning and developing your own way is always a good move forward. I’ve learned TONS of things incorrectly but when I see it played correctly, I can make the adjustment easily because I already know what to play. It’s just a matter of maybe alternating hands properly or a small adjustment to get it down correctly.

  • rockon555 3 years ago

    I think you can drum easier if you try to do it semi correctly,Ive been playing 3o years the wrong way and have improved 10 fold by watching someone do something correctly,just watch hanna ford

    • Jake Nicolle 3 years ago

      I would agree that you should want to learn correctly for sure! Also, it’s never too late to start fixing some old habits and reframing your skills. Hannah Ford is a phenomenal drummer!