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Cajon Basics

In this lesson, Daniel De Los Reyes is introducing the Cajon to us by demonstrating how to play basic rhythms and showing which techniques to use as we get started learning Cajon. Both beginners, intermediate and advanced players can learn from Daniel De Los Reyes insights throughout the lesson. Learn how to adapt Cajon to your playing to create a drumset sound in an easy to carry percussion instrument.

This Lesson is worth 250 points

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  • Phoenixwolf99 3 years ago

    This video is a life saver. I have a performance tonight where I needed to use the cajon and I felt like I sounded so much worse than I was supposed to. Then as I scroll through 180 drums I find exactly what I need. Technique and sitting position especially are going to make it a much better show.

  • spenwallace 3 years ago

    I really enjoy this lesson as a whole and am stoked to dig into the next part of it as well. I have always enjoyed world percussion and to find good coaching and instruction on playing as authentically as possible doesn’t happen enough! Thanks so much Danny! I play more Cajon than I do the full kit right now and there are some great notes that I will definitely put into action. I especially like the dampening method with the heel.