180 Experience

Metric Modulation Fills

Tim Buell showing us how to take our newly acquired metric modulation skills to the kit again, but this time to be applied as fills instead of grooves. Counting out loud is going to be key as your independence gets tested and pushed against. Soloing will also get a fresh look in your playing after learning how to apply these principles.

This Lesson is worth 300 points

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  • Drummerbloke 2 years ago

    what is the Pyramid that Tim keeps talking about? Does he mean whole note/half notes/quarters/eights?

  • Ethan 3 years ago

    Liked the fills. Helped me alot . know I’m practicing this on my drum set. Hope I win the contest and get a shout-out. My name is Ethan Johnson. Thanks again.

    • Jake Nicolle 3 years ago

      Awesome Ethan, keep up the hard work!