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Paradiddle Stop

If you haven’t noticed, many great licks are composed of some foundational paradiddle variation. In this one Stix is going straight to the heart with a paradiddle [or paradiddle-diddle depending on your perspective] being cut short to give it that STOP sound. It’s quick, it’s flashy and it’s a Lick you won’t forget!


This Lick is worth 300 points

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  • CoryTACP 4 years ago

    This guy grooves with ZERO effort. I love watching masters of the instrument.

    • Jake Nicolle 4 years ago

      Couldn’t agree more Cory! Stix kills it ;)

  • 180Cisco 4 years ago

    This is nice, I’ll apply this to some of my music! See how it sounds.

    • Jake Nicolle 4 years ago

      Awesome Cisco! Tag us in some videos and we’ll share it online :)

  • Brett Clur 4 years ago

    The mix of those drums sounds so great.

  • Alexander Popov 4 years ago

    very good lesson very very

    • Jake Nicolle 4 years ago

      Glad you enjoyed it Alex! So many fun things you can do with this idea.

  • Benjamin Rosati 5 years ago

    this is going to be fun to learn…. but once i get it, i know i’ll love it. thank guys!

    • Jake Nicolle 5 years ago

      Can’t wait to see you covering this one! ;)