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Perfecting Your Timing

From the practice room to the club, and eventually the arenas and stadium’s of the world. Mark Schulman is laying down the foundation for our time-keeping abilities so we can grow to support big acts, by understanding the metronome and space within time. Rushing or dragging unintentionally is the worst thing we can do as drummers. Being unpredictable to band members is what we want to avoid and that start with creating a rock solid foundation of groove that everyone else can rest on.  Mark also shares his failed experience auditioning for Bad English, where the click track threw him for a loop under his nervousness. A humble guy, Mark is, and a sobering reminder for us who have yet to cut our teeth in the practice room. Let us begin mastering our internal sense of time.

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  • Rybeatz 3 months ago

    What is the best metronome for a drummer? I’ve read many reviews and many people say a lot of the models are too quiet or not enough features. Can you recommend a great metronome for a drummer?

  • katyusha 2 years ago

    That snare…

  • MorinBrozj1994 3 years ago

    Thanks Jake awesome lesson.

  • PDXdrumtech 3 years ago

    Excellent session, guys! I enjoyed Mark’s enthusiasm and candor leading up to and explaining this concept. I to preach to my students that time keeping not only is everything but everybody’s responsibility and I work with them – sometimes painfully – relentlessly with a Metronome. We jokingly referred to their metronome as their boyfriend/girlfriend. Thanks again, gentlemen!

  • Sophie Nickerson 3 years ago

    Timing is probably the main thing I really want to focus on right now to better my skills as a drummer.

  • gullchasedship 3 years ago

    Honour the space between the notes!

  • rayssounds 3 years ago

    Great lesson and Mark seems like a great person. Thanks for this.