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If there’s anyone who has experience playing big licks to end songs or turn heads in a stadium, it’s Rich Redmond. Rich is going to teach us 17 ideas he uses regularly to get the best bang for the buck. These licks can serve as fills as well and are great exercises to strengthen your understanding of note and fill placement, subdivision and independence or co-ordination. Many of these licks sound down right mean and do an excellent job of putting an exclamation mark over your playing. Make sure to DOWNLOAD the PDF so you can see all 17 licks written out. Get after it!

Instructor: Rich Redmond

Tags: Fill, Rock, Drums, drumfills, drum, ideas, big, metal, roll, linear, double, kick, idea, creative, statement, quick, arena, tour, stadium, fired, fire

This Lick is worth 300 points

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  • Marc Firman 4 years ago

    Love this lesson! So much to add to your arsenal

    • Jake Nicolle 4 years ago

      Right?! Tons of great ideas all jam-packed in this one lesson!

  • Christian Herbst 4 years ago

    Love this lesson! My motivation is exploding after this! So good stuff you are offering here! Also listened to your podcast with Rich. It was such a good insight he gave there. Love his attitude to share everything you can and work together as drummers in a passionate and nice community like here! :)

    • Jake Nicolle 4 years ago

      Awesome Christian! There’s a serious amount of ideas in this leson, that’s for sure… Glad to hear you’re listening to the podcast man, so many value bombs dropped by this guy! ;)

  • Joey Ossey 4 years ago

    First lesson of 2016 and it couldn’t have been more fun! So many ideas to take away and ‘personalize’ from this video. And how can you not love Rich’s energy!

    • Daniel Ziedins 4 years ago

      Seriously.. Watching this just gave me a wave of motivation! So much good stuff to learn.. Love it!

    • Jake Nicolle 4 years ago

      I’m still dying to sit and incorporate more of these ideas. Bad to the bone!

    • Joey Ossey 4 years ago

      Daniel – I believe Jake and I are still waiting to hear what lesson of Aaron’s you were rocking, brother!

    • Jake Nicolle 4 years ago

      Dang right we are Joey!

    • Daniel Ziedins 4 years ago

      Lol! Dang i Just saw the comment right now.. Haha It’s been soo long now… I gusse i’ll just keep the suspense going.. ;) Lovin this lesson again btw.. everything on here is So good! (Keep up the good work 180, you guys rock!)

  • Buck 4 years ago

    So much good stuff in this lesson! Rich is a monster!!!

    • Jake Nicolle 4 years ago

      Man… SO good to see you back on the site Buck :)