180 Experience

Slow it Down Charlie Brown

Mark Schulman teaching us the beauty of slow, by learning to play slow and articulately, which leads to playing great, quickly. The critical thing is being able to get comfortable playing very simple grooves and simple fills, as well as the transitions where most people falter and stumble. Between 110 and 120 is where most people feel comfortable so we’re starting today at 120, focusing on transitioning between grooves. This is time-keeping, metronome, click and groove training at it’s finest. Notice how your body feels time. Also, notice how the click pretty well disappears as Mark plays along and “bury’s the click”. We encourage you to try practice along with Mark, wearing headphones, practicing lining up perfectly with his playing.

This Groove is worth 250 points

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  • CoryTACP 3 years ago

    Mark is just awesome. He is an excellent teacher and has a great attitude! Time to go slow down some fills.

    • Jake Nicolle 3 years ago

      You couldn’t be more right Cory! Slow is fast!

  • Jim Brenner 3 years ago

    Wow, this is the first video I watched of him. I am gonna have to watch them all. He is skilled and has a cool personality!